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Friday, August 29 2014:

  • Managing Drug-Involved Offenders [PDF] Department of Justice. July, 2014. "Drug courts, which also mandate drug treatment but under judicial supervision, have demonstrated better outcomes than standard treatment diversion programs."

Friday, August 22 2014:

  • Juveniles in Residential Placement, 2011 [PDF] Department of Justice. August, 2014. "The number of delinquents held in placement increased 4% between 1997 and 1999 and then decreased 43% to its lowest level in 2011."
  • The Debt Penalty Exposing the financial barriers to offender reintegration, [PDF] John Jay College of Criminal Justice. August, 2014. "Paradoxically, criminal justice systems sometimes spend more on debt collection and punishing offenders who are behind on their payments than they are likely to recoup from enforcing the financial obligations of ex-offenders."

Monday, August 18 2014:

  • Operation Ghetto Storm [PDF] Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. April, 2013. "There is no centralized database that keeps track of extrajudicial killings by police... With no numbers, there can be no studies, no analysis of trends and no accountability."
  • The Color of Corporate Corrections, part two Contractual Exemptions and the Overrepresentation of People of Color in Private Prisons, [PDF] Radical Criminology. January, 2014. "Health—and therefore age—tends to serve as a proxy for race without any explicit reference to it."