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Beyond producing original research, the Prison Policy Initiative edits several databases to empower activists, journalists, and policymakers to shape effective criminal justice policy. This page contains links to virtually all the empirical criminal justice research available online, organized by category and publication date. If you know what you are looking for, you may also search the database. We also have an email newsletter (at right) for new research clearinghouse updates.

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Thursday, May 21 2015:

  • Realignment, Incarceration, and Crime Trends in California Public Policy Institute of California. May, 2015. (Violent crime rates remain unaffected by realignment, and although California's property crime rate decreased in 2013, it did not drop more than in comparable states--so the auto theft gap that opened up in 2012 has not closed.)
  • Unlocking Human Dignity: A Plan to Transform the U.S. Immigrant Detention System, [PDF] Migration and Refugee Services/United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and The Center for Migration Studies. May, 2015. "The US immigrant detention system grew more than fivefold between 1994 and 2013."

Tuesday, May 12 2015:

  • Unfinished Business: Deepening the Gains in Texas Juvenile Justice Reform, [PDF] Texas Criminal Justice Coalition. May, 2015. "Reforms are needed to move the Texas Juvenile Justice Department and its 166 local juvenile probation departments in the right direction to keep more young people closer to their home (or in their home), where the data show they will have better outcomes."
  • Callous and Cruel: Use of Force against Inmates with Mental Disabilities in US Jails and Prisons, Human Rights Watch. May, 2015. "This 127-page report details incidents in which correctional staff have deluged prisoners with painful chemical sprays, shocked them with powerful electric stun weapons, and strapped them for days in restraining chairs or beds."
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