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  • Is Proposition 47 to Blame for California's 2015 Increase in Urban Crime? Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, March, 2016“There are no obvious effects associated with Proposition 47 that would be expected if the reform had a significant and consistent impact on crime.”
  • Is Downsizing Prisons Dangerous? The Effect of California's Realignment Act on Public Safety Criminology and Public Policy, February, 2016“Significant reductions in the size of prison populations are possible without endangering public safety.”
  • Locked Up & Shipped Away: Interstate Prisoner Transfers and the Private Prison Industry Winter 2016 Update Grassroots Leadership, January, 2016(Since the 2013 release of Locked Up and Shipped Away, the same four states (Vermont, California, Idaho, and Hawaii) continue to house a portion of their prisoners in private prisons out of state. And, a fifth state, Arkansas has also opted to do so.)
  • Geographic Variation in the Cumulative Risk of Imprisonment and Parental Imprisonment in the United States University of California & Cornell University, 2016(This article reports estimates of the cumulative risk of imprisonment and parental imprisonment for demographic groups in four regions and four states. Findings indicate that there is substantial racial inequality in levels of risk.)
  • Probation in California Public Policy Institute of California, December, 2015“Probation is the most widely used form of correctional supervision in California.”
  • Sentencing in California: Moving Toward a Smarter, More Cost-Effective Approach California Budget & Policy Center, December, 2015“Despite these positive steps, California’s sentencing laws continue to overly rely on incarceration as the consequence for committing a felony or a misdemeanor, rather than promoting community-based interventions.”
  • Corrections Spending Through the State Budget Since 2007-08: Still High Despite Recent Reforms California Budget & Policy Center, November, 2015(While total corrections spending as a share of the state budget is down slightly since 2007-08, spending for adults under state jurisdiction remains stubbornly high.)
  • Changing Gears: California's Shift to Smart Justice ACLU of California, November, 2015“By June 2015, almost 160,000 petitions had been filed to reduce a felony to a misdemeanor.”
  • A Multi-Level Bayesian Analysis of Racial Bias in Police Shootings at the County-Level in the United States, 2011-2014 University of California, Davis, November, 2015“The results provide evidence of a significant bias in the killing of unarmed black Americans relative to unarmed white Americans[.]”
  • Prison profiteers use campaign contributions to buy contracts Prison Policy Initiative, October, 2015“The Voice of OC has revealed that $85,000 in campaign contributions to two Orange County, California county supervisors by Global Tel*Link flipped the two supervisors from being opponents of charging families high phone rates into supporters.”
  • Proposition 47 Progress Report: Year One Implementation Stanford Law School Stanford Justice Advocacy Project, October, 2015“Since the enactment of Proposition 47 on November 14, 2014, the number of people incarcerated in California’s prisons and jails has decreased by approximately 13,000 inmates, helping alleviate crowding conditions in those institutions.”
  • Public Safety Realignment: Impacts So Far Public Policy Institute of California, September, 2015“Realignment did not increase violent crime, but auto thefts rose. Research so far shows no dramatic change in recidivism rates.”
  • Realignment and Crime in 2014: California's Violent Crime in Decline Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, August, 2015“Contrary to alarms raised about potential increases in crime, consistent reports examining offenses at the county level over time show Realignment and crime do not have a causal relationship.”
  • Pretrial Detention and Jail Capacity in California Public Policy Institute of California, July, 2015“But California’s high rates of pretrial detention have not been associated with lower rates of failure to appear or lower levels of felony rearrests.”
  • Stuck in the '70s: The Demographics of California Prosecutors Stanford Criminal Justice Center, July, 2015“Latinos are almost 39 percent of the population but only nine percent of California prosecutors.”
  • The Plummeting Arrest Rates of California's Children Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, May, 2015“But in 2013, with a pre-teen population 40 percent larger, arrests for children under 12 fell to 1,394, and arrests of children under 10 fell to 219 -- leading to a 92 percent drop in arrest rates.”
  • Pretrial Release in California Public Policy Institute of California, May, 2015“This report uses newly available data to provide information about pretrial release in California and to give policymakers a better understanding of the defendants who tend to be released and the form of release they secure.”
  • Realignment, Incarceration, and Crime Trends in California Public Policy Institute of California, May, 2015(Violent crime rates remain unaffected by realignment, and although California's property crime rate decreased in 2013, it did not drop more than in comparable states--so the auto theft gap that opened up in 2012 has not closed.)
  • Above the Law: An Investigation of Civil Asset Forfeiture in California Drug Policy Alliance, April, 2015(Asset forfeiture abuses in California reveal the troubling extent to which law enforcement agencies have violated state and federal law.)
  • Alternatives to Incarceration in California Public Policy Institute of California, April, 2015(The evidence suggests that the effectiveness of both incarceration and community-based supervision depends on the rate of incarceration in a community, the offender characteristics, and the response to violations during and after supervision.)
  • Not Just a Ferguson Problem: How Traffic Courts Drive Inequality in California Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area, March, 2015“As a result, over four million Californians do not have valid driver’s licenses because they cannot afford to pay traffic fines and fees.”
  • Corrections Infrastructure Spending in California Public Policy Institute of California, March, 2015“At the end of 2005, CDCR operated 33 prisons with a statewide design capacity of more than 80,000 beds.”
  • Degrees of Freedom: Expanding College Opportunities for Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Californians Renewing Communities Initiative, February, 2015“Our colleges and criminal justice agencies must break out of their silos and share a commitment to high-quality education for all students whether they are learning in prison, jail, or the community.”
  • Rising Up, Speaking Out: Youth Transforming Los Angeles County's Juvenille Justice System Children's Defense Fund - California, January, 2015“Five young people [...] share their own unique experiences inside probation camps and amplify key recommendations from an important UCLA focus group study on how to improve conditions inside Los Angeles County's camps.”
  • Whitewashing the Jury Box: How California Perpetuates the Discriminatory Exclusion of Black and Latinx Jurors Berkeley Law Death Penalty Clinic, 2015“We evaluated nearly 700 cases decided by the California Courts of Appeal from 2006 through 2018, which involved objections to prosecutors' peremptory challenges. In nearly 72% of these cases, district attorneys used their strikes to remove Black jurors.”

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