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  • report thumbnail Jim Crow in Massachusetts? Prisoner disenfranchisement Prison Policy Initiative, October, 2004
  • Strengthening Public Safety, Increasing Accountability, and Instituting Fiscal Responsibility in the Department of Correction Governor's Commission on Corrections Reform, June, 2004(Massachusetts, the Harshbarger Commission)
  • Correctional Health: The Missing Key to Improving the Public's Health and Safety Massachusetts Public Health Association, October, 2003
  • Disproportionate Minority Confinement In Massachusetts: Failures in Assessing and Addressing Overrepresentation of Minorities in the Massachusetts Juvenile Justice System American Civil Liberties Union, June, 2003
  • 2001 Court Commitments to the Massachusetts Department of Correction Massachusetts Department of Correction, March, 2003“Inmates were committed in 2001 for the following offense groups: Person (31%), Drug (31%), Property (16%),”
  • Administrative Investigation The facts and circumstances surrounding the events, which Inmate John Geoghan's death on August 23, 2003 Massachusetts Administrative Investigation Panel, 2003“...the known ability of inmates to prevent staff from opening the cell doors in SBCC... also played a role.”
  • Spending More on Prisons than Higher Education Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, 2003(has official and inflation adjusted comparison from FY 1968 to 2004)
  • Parole Practices in Massachusetts and Their Effect on Community Reintegration Boston Bar Association Task Force on Parole and Community Reintegration, August, 2002(a 1991 precursor report is here
  • An Empirical Study of the School Zone Law in Three Cities in Massachusetts Join Together, July, 2001“MA law requiring mandatory sentences for selling drugs near schools does not and can not increase safety near schools”(Fall River, New Bedford and Springfield)
  • Prisons and Sentencing in Massachusetts Waging a More Effective Fight Against Crime MassInc, June, 1999“Critics of mandatory minimum drug laws, both state and federal, claim that these draconian penalties are jamming prisons with nonviolent offenders, many of them serving long sentences for a first conviction.”
  • Profile of anti-drug law enforcement in urban poverty areas in Massachusetts William N. Brownsberger, November, 1997
  • Report on the Psychiatric Management of John Salvi in Massachusetts Department of Correction Facilities 1995-1996 University of Massachusetts Medical Center Department of Psychiatry, January, 1997“ our opinion, the number of full-time equivalent psychiatrists within the DOC is far too low to meet the psychiatric needs of the inmate population.”
  • The State of Corrections in Massachusetts: A Warning Massachusetts Correctional Legal Services, January, 1997“[T]he Department of Correction and many county jail administrations have increased the use of segregation and punishment as the primary method of control. Ironically, these policies which purportedly increase security do the opposite.”
  • Criminal Justice in Massachusetts: Putting Crime Control First BOTEC Analysis Corporation of Cambridge, October, 1996“Opportunities to reduce crime are systematically neglected, as policy making is dominated by the need to appease the public's justifiable fear and anger and by a wide variety of organizational and professional interests and ideological postures.”
  • The Effect of Community Reintegration on Rates of Recidivism: A Statistical Overview of Data for the Years 1971 Through 1985 Massachusetts Department of Corrections, July, 1988“individuals who had experienced a furlough prior to release from prison had significantly lower rates of recidivism than did individuals who had not experienced a furlough prior to release.”
  • Statistical Description of the [Massachusetts] Furlough Program: 1972-1987 Prison Policy Initiative, 1988
  • The Massachusetts Furlough Program: Position Paper Massachusetts Department of Corrections, May, 1987

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