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  • report thumbnail Where people in prison come from: The geography of mass incarceration in New York Prison Policy Initiative, June, 2022“The city of Rochester -- the fourth most populous city in the state -- with an incarceration rate of 1,051 per 100,000 city residents, is more than 5 times the rate in New York City.”
  • (New) Punishment of People with Serious Mental Illness in New York State Prisons An Analysis of 2017-19 Disciplinary Data in Prison Residential Mental Health Treatment Units #HALTSolitary and Mental Health Alternatives to Solitary Confinement, May, 2022“Of the 399 people disciplined in a Residential Mental Health Treatment Unit during the 29-month review period, 99% were sanctioned with segregated confinement and 85% received at least six months or more of additional segregation time,”
  • Three State Prison Oversight During the COVID-19 Pandemic Pennsylvania Prison Society, John Howard Association, and Correctional Association of New York, April, 2022“[We] provide data unavailable in states lacking similar independent oversight, and it tells a story of very different responses to comparable challenges, and a lack of transparency on the details of the crisis and policies developed in response.”
  • A Look Inside the Black Box of New York State's Criminal Justice Data Measures for Justice, February, 2022“This report addresses the ways New York State's criminal justice data infrastructure fails to meet basic levels of transparency that are requisite for evidence-based decision making and general accountability.”
  • "My Greatest Fear is To Be a Lab Rat For the State": COVID-19 and Vaccine Hesitancy in NYS Prisons Correctional Association of New York, January, 2022“Of 166 respondents, 42.7% said that DOCCS administering the vaccine would make them less likely to accept the vaccine (n=71).”
  • Investigation of New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision Incarcerated Individual Drug Testing Program New York Office of the Inspector General, January, 2022“From January through August 2019, incarcerated individuals found to have positive drug test results at a disciplinary hearing received significant--and in some cases ultimately undeserved--punishments that jeopardized their rehabilitation and release.”
  • Re-Arrest Among 16 Year-Olds Arrested In The First Year Of Raise The Age Marian Gewirtz, New York City Criminal Justice Agency, December, 2021“The analysis indicates that the raise-the-age age/year is a statistically significant predictor of re-arrest over time in both sets of models after accounting for the other included variables.”
  • Access, Success, and Challenges in College-in-Prison Programs within the State University of New York Higher Education for the Justice-Involved, State Univ. of New York, December, 2021“It is difficult for newly released prisoners to continue their education, and our data indicate that few do. Most face immediate challenges in securing housing, jobs, transportation, and identification, let alone stress in [reentry adjustment].”
  • Policing the pandemic: estimating spatial and racialized inequities in New York City police enforcement of COVID-19 mandates Sandhya Kajeepeta et al, November, 2021“Findings suggest that ZIP codes with higher percentages of lower income and Black residents experienced disproportionately high rates of policing during the COVID-19 pandemic in the name of public health.”
  • Blood from a stone: How New York prisons force people to pay for their own incarceration Tommaso Bardelli, Zach Gillespie and Thuy Linh Tu, October, 2021“A study by members of the New York University Prison Education Program Research Collective gives important first-hand accounts of the damage done when prisons shift financial costs to incarcerated people.”
  • New York State's New Death Penalty: The Death Toll of Mass Incarceration in a Post Execution Era Columbia University Center for Justice, October, 2021“More people have died in NY State custody in the last decade than the total of number of people executed in the 364 years New York State had the death penalty.”
  • What to Do About Closing Rikers Vital City, September, 2021“Closing Rikers and the policies that make the closure possible will determine whether New York City remains the safest large city in the country with the fewest people jailed per capita.”
  • Criminalized or Medicalized? Examining the Role of Race in Responses to Drug Use Paywall :( Sade L Lindsay, Mike Vuolo, August, 2021“We analyze 400 articles from the New York Times and Washington Post to assess the degree to which the two crises were racialized, criminalized, and medicalized. We find that media coverage medicalized and humanized White people who use opiates...”
  • One Year Later: Bail Reform and Judicial Decision-Making in New York City Center for Court Innovation, April, 2021“Predictably, making more cases newly re-eligible for bail and detention in July increased judges' use of both options.”
  • Paternal Jail Incarceration and Birth Outcomes: Evidence from New York City, 2010-2016 Paywall :( Yi et al., April, 2021“We found strong positive baseline associations (p < 0.001) between paternal jail incarceration during pregnancy with probabilities of all adverse outcomes examined.”
  • What Doesn't Get Measured Doesn't Get Done: A Roadmap for Data Collection and Reporting in the Era of Bail Reform Joanna Thomas, Abdiaziz Ahmed, New York City Criminal Justice Agency, April, 2021“Proper pretrial data collection, analysis, and reporting can help to build systems that meet local needs, save money, improve program practices, and decrease jail crowding.”
  • The cumulative risk of jail incarceration Bruce Western, Jaclyn Davis, Flavien Ganter, and Natalie Smith, April, 2021“The contours of jail incarceration observed in New York City follow the pattern of mass criminalization where large numbers of Black and Latino men are subject to penal control, in most cases for low-level offenses.”
  • Freedom, Then the Press: New York Media and Bail Reform, April, 2021“Media outlets across New York played a major role in generating the fear and backlash that is driving the increase in the jail population and exposing thousands more people to the possibility of illness and death behind bars.”
  • It's all about the incentives: Why a call home from a jail in New York State can cost 7 times more than the same call from the state's prisons Prison Policy Initiative, March, 2021“These exorbitant phone rates cost some the poorest residents of New York State -- and a group disproportionately made up of women of color -- more than $13 million a year just to talk to their jailed loved ones.”
  • The New York State Trial Penalty: The Constitutional Right to Trial Under Attack National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, March, 2021“By 1996 and every year after, 98% to 99% of misdemeanor convictions were obtained by plea. If someone is convicted in New York State, whether of a felony or a misdemeanor, it is overwhelmingly likely that they were convicted by plea rather than at trial.”
  • The Enormous Cost of Parole Violations in New York The Justice Lab and The Independent Commission on New York City Criminal Justice and Incarceration Reform, March, 2021“In 2019, New York's state and local governments collectively spent $683 million to incarcerate people on parole for rules violations, without evidence that this massive expenditure of resources meaningfully contributed to public safety.”
  • Felony Case Delay in New York City: Lessons from a Pilot Project in Brooklyn Center for Court Innovation, March, 2021“Despite the constitutional guarantee of a speedy trial, in 2019, for indicted felonies, New York City only met the state's standard for a six-month resolution in about a third of cases.”
  • Poverty and Mass Incarceration in New York: An Agenda for Change Brennan Center for Justice, February, 2021“Roughly 337,000 New Yorkers have spent time in prison at some point in their lives. That burden has fallen disproportionately on people of color: three-quarters of the state's formerly imprisoned population is Black or Latino.”
  • New York City Jails: COVID Discharge Policy, Data Transparency, and Reform Eli Miller, Bryan D. Martin, and Chad Topaz, February, 2021“Their success with discharge during the early stages of COVID-19 suggests that low-risk inmates could be discharged sooner in general.”
  • Parole boards approved fewer releases in 2020 than in 2019, despite the raging pandemic Prison Policy Initiative, February, 2021“In over half of the states we studied--Alabama, Iowa, Michigan, Montana, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina - between 2019 and 2020, there was either no change or a decrease in parole grant rates.”

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