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  • Juvies (2004) offers a stark reveals the shocking reality of juvenile offenders in America, many of whom are serving draconian sentences for marginal involvement in so called 'gang' crimes. The director, Leslie Neal taught a video production class at Los Angeles Central Juvenile Hall to 12 juveniles who were all being tried as adults. Juvies exposes a Juvies is the product of that class, made jointly by teacher and students, witnessing heartbreaking stories of children abandoned by families and a system that has disintegrated into a dehumanizing vending machine of injustice. $30
  • This Black Soil: A Story of Resistance And Rebirth (2004) "Chronicles the successful struggle of Bayview, Virginia, a small and severely impoverished rural African-American community, who defeated the state's plans to build a prison in their backyards. Catalyzed by this victory, the residents were empowered to change their conditions and their lives." $250 to buy, $85 to rent from Bullfrog Films. Individuals and activist groups can contact the director, Teresa Konechne, at to purchase a copy for $30.
  • Turned Out: Sexual Assault Behind Bars $275 to buy, $95 to rent
  • Corrections (private prisons) 2001. Directed by Ashley Hunt. 60 minutes. $24.95.
  • Attica: Roots of Resistance 2001. Directed by Ashley Hunt. 11 minutes. $15 + shipping.
  • The Last Graduation: (The end of college programs for prisoners) ~1998. Directed by Barbara Zahm. ~50 minutes. $39.95.
  • Yes, In My Backyard, 1999. Directed by Tracy Huling, 57 minutes. Contact: . How a small rural town in New York lobbies for prison expansion.
  • We are not who you think we are. 1994, 13 minutes. $49 About the women at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in New York State.
  • The Farm: Angola, USA. 1998 Directed by Jonathan Stack and Elizabeth Garbus, 93 minutes. $24.95 Follows the 6 prisoners in the largest maximum security prisonin the country to addess a wide range of issues. Very powerful. See also a great interview with Director Jonathan Stack


These sites discuss prison films of all kinds: (As of 2008, these sites may not longer work, but they should be accessible via the Internet Archive.)

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