Task force: Robert Brown, Scott Christianson, Lynn Cobden, Fay Honey Knopp, Janet Lugo, Virginia Mackey, Vincent McGee and Sharon Smolick

Workshop consultant: Susanne Gowan

Typists and proof readers: Lynn Cobden, Robbie Dubroff, Wendy Hedin, Burton Knopp, Brett Raphael, Edith Sillman, Sharon Smolick and Isabelle Yolen

Special acknowledgements: This handbook was funded by the New York State Council of Churches' Task Force for a Safer Society. We are particularly grateful for the encouragement and support of convenor Virginia Mackey, and Jon Regier, executive director of the New York State Council of Churches, and the Task Force's commitment to the development of the handbook. Special thanks to American Friends Service Committee for their grant in support of data gathering and research; the Westport Public Library for their special services; Mary Ann Largen for her contributions to the chapter on the crime of rape and our everlasting gratitude to the many prisoners who shared their concepts and information with their allies at PREAP.

Heartfelt thanks to all who furnished graphics, especially Tracy Sugarman, drawings for the cover and 82. Lowell Naeve, drawings from Phantasies of a Prisoner (Denver, Alan Swallow, 1958), frontispiece, 65, 115. James Grashow, woodcut, 19. Warren Levicoff, photo (all rights reserved), 85. Peg Averill, drawings, 139, 142, 149, 153, 155, 161. Chas. Du Rain, Georgeville Community Features, drawing, (all rights reserved), 74. Mark Morris, photos, 15, 33, 104, 105, 136, 166. Joseph Grant of Penal Digest International for photos, 40, 102; drawing, 133. Liberation News Service drawings, 21, 23, 30, 44, 51, 69, 88, 91, 98, 151; photos 25, 94. American Foundation, photos, 37, 48, 77, 113, 128. Fortune Society, photos, 27, 55, 81. NEPA News, drawings, 93. Prisoners' Union, photos, 78, 176; drawing, 135. Clergy and Laity Concerned, drawing by Buu Chi, 99. NORML, photo, 108. PSO Newsletter, drawing, 119. VORP, photo 122. Friends Journal, drawing, 130. Black Scholar, drawing, 188. CLASP, photo, 165. Majority Report, drawing, 148. The National Observer, drawing, 46. Gale Research Company, drawings, 42, 43. Skeptic Magazine, drawing, ( 1974 Forum for Contemporary History, Inc., all rights reserved), 34. Auburn prison, photo, 17. St. Louis Post Dispatch, drawing by Bill Steele, 87. Women Against Rape, drawing by Valerie Klaetke in Stop Rape, 147. Guardian, drawing, 174. Trenton State Prisoners' News, drawing, 57.