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Criminal Justice Fact Sheets:

This page lists ready-to-distribute-to-the-public fact sheets on prison issues. Each fact sheet is listed in a single category, and factsheets are listed chronologically within each category by date of first publication.

As of May 2013, this page is no longer being updated. It may come back in the future when we have the resources to produce more original and timely content. Until then, we think that you will find our book The Prison Index to be more useful.


  • Crime, incarceration down in 2010 States are safely reducing prison populations, [PDF]
    Justice Policy Institute, September, 2011
    “Crime is falling as states are putting fewer people in prison.”
  • Concerns Over Rising Crime in Context [PDF]
    Justice Policy Institute, March, 2007
    “This factsheet is intended to put the 24-month trend of rising crime in 56 jurisdictions in context for people concerned about juvenile justice policy.”
  • Close to Home: Developing Innovative, Community-Based Responses to Anti-LGBT Violence, [PDF]
    American Friends Service Committee, 2005
  • Corrupting Justice: A Primer for LGBT Communities on Racism, Violence, Human Degradation & the Prison Industrial Complex, [PDF]
    American Friends Service Committee, 2005
    “Applying the principles of nonviolence, healing justice & human rights to the struggle for LGBT liberation”
  • Crime Facts [PDF]
    Prison Policy Initiative and American Friends Service Committee, Arizona, April, 2004
    (7 quick factoids)
  • Who is at the greatest risk of crime victimization? Who has confidence in the criminal justice system?,
    Prison Policy Initiative and Western Prison Project, July, 2003

Death Penalty



  • Imprisonment and Families Fact Sheet [PDF]
    The Correctional Association of New York, March, 2007
    “88% of fathers in New York State prisons report that their children live with their mothers, while only 20% of incarcerated mothers in New York report that their children live with their fathers.”
  • Prisoners with Children: Facts and Figures at a Glance, [PDF]
    Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, September, 2002
  • Resources for Dads Behind Bars and Those Working with Them
    Family and Corrections Network, 2002
    (This Incarcerated Fathers Library page contains 10 factsheets, and then links to other resources on incarcerated fathers.)

Felon Disenfranchisement


International Comparisons


  • Juvenile Detention in New York City [PDF]
    The Correctional Association of New York, November, 2007
    “African American and Latino youth comprise 95% of the youth entering detention, while they comprise less than two-thirds of all youth in New York City.”
  • Youth Confined in OCFS Facilities [PDF]
    The Correctional Association of New York, November, 2007
    “Over half the youth in state custody were convicted of misdemeanors.”
  • LGBT Youth in Detention: Myth and Reality, [PDF]
    The Correctional Association of New York, January, 2006
    (List of concerns and answers to the problems facing LGBT youth in detention.)
  • MCC Washington Office Guide to Juvenile Justice [PDF]
    Mennonite Central Committee, June, 2003

Mandatory Minimums

  • Three Strikes Myths & Facts, [PDF]
    Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, 2003
  • Primer on mandatory sentences [PDF]
    Families Against Mandatory Minimums, 2002
    “Mandatory sentencing was once America's law-and-order panacea. Here's why it's not working.”
    (12 pages, 6 statements and facts, quotes from judges and sympathetic profiles of prisoners serving long sentences)



    Prison-Based Gerrymandering

    Prison and The Economy

    Racial Disparities


    Rural Issues

    State Specific


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