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Videos by the Prison Policy Initiative

One of the worst ideas to come out of the War on Drugs: Sentencing Enhancement Zones

Prison gerrymandering in Massachusetts: The Census Bureau's prison miscount & town meeting

Why Jails Should Not Ban Letters from Home

The High Cost of Calls Home from the Hampden County Jail

How Prison-based Gerrymandering Changes District Lines

How Massachusetts Can Avoid Prison-based Gerrymandering

Videos featuring the Prison Policy Initiative

2014 David Carliner Public Interest Award Presentation
American Constitution Society, June 2014:

Prison-Based Gerrymandering section from the movie Gerrymandering, by Jeff Reichert:

Dismal Prisons, HuffPost Live, June 13, 2013

Prisons rob inmates by gouging phone call prices, RT America News, January 4, 2013

Hi-Priced Cell Calls, Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC, December 12, 2012

Prison-industrial complex charges inmates enormous fees for phone calls, RT America News, November 20, 2012

Hack For Western Mass: Prison Policy Initiative, NCTV, June 25, 2013

Federal Communications Commission Workshop on Reforming Inmate Calling Services Rates, July 10, 2013

Federal Communications Commission Workshop on Further Reform of Inmate Calling Services, July 9, 2014

Videos inspired by the Prison Policy Initiative

Mass Incarceration in the United States, by Hank Green of Vlog Brothers, Kurzgesagt, and

So You Want to Be a Legislator by Bruce Reilly:

Redistricting and the Prison Population by students at DePauw University:

Defending Prison-Based Gerrymandering, from the TV series Oz:

Prison Proliferation by Paul Rucker:

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