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Friday, October 17 2014:

  • Video Visitation: How Private Companies Push for Visits by Video and Families Pay the Price, [PDF] Grassroots Leadership; Texas Criminal Justice Coalition. October, 2014. "Video-only visitation policies strip away that choice; they are simply another outgrowth of the idea that offering services to prisoners and their families can be commercialized."
  • Prison Visitation Policies: A Fifty State Survey, Chesa Boudin, Trevor Stutz, & Aaron Littman. February, 2014. "This paper presents a summary of the findings from the first fifty-state survey of prison visitation policies."

Tuesday, October 14 2014:

  • Florida's Aging Prisoner Problem [PDF] Florida Tax Watch. September, 2014. "Between 2000 and 2014, the elderly prison population grew from 5,605 to 21,002, at an average increase of 9.9 percent per year, a rate more than three times higher than the general prison population."
  • Black, Brown and Targeted: A report on Boston Police Department Street Encounters from 2007-2010, [PDF] ACLU of Massachusetts. October, 2014. (Most alarmingly, the analysis found that Blacks were subjected to 63% of these encounters, even though they made up just 24% of Boston's population. The analysis also showed that crime does not explain this racial disparity.)
  • An Overview of Public Opinion and Discourse on Criminal Justice Issues [PDF] The Opportunity Agenda. August, 2014. (Since the 1990s, people are backing away from harsh enforcement and sentencing policies, such as mandatory sentencing, and appear more interested in allocating tax dollars toward rehabilitation, treatment, and support efforts.)

Friday, October 10 2014:

  • Mortality in Local Jails and State Prisons, 2000-2012 - Statistical Tables [PDF] Bureau of Justice Statistics. October, 2014. "In 2012, 4,309 inmates died while in the custody of local jails or state prisons-an increase of 2% (67 deaths) from 2011. The number of deaths in local jails increased, from 889 in 2011 to 958 in 2012, which marked the first increase since 2009."

Wednesday, October 8 2014:

  • Flint DDACTS Pilot Evaluation: Summary of Findings, [PDF] Michigan Justice Statistics Center. July, 2014. "Indeed, the target areas experienced a 19 percent reduction in violent crime and a 30 percent reduction in robberies. This compared to 7 and 2 percent reductions, respectively, in the rest of the city."
  • Reforming Marijuana Laws: Which Approach Best Reduces the Harms of Criminalization? A Five-State Analysis, [PDF] Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice. September, 2014. "All five states experienced substantial declines in marijuana possession arrests. The four states with available data also showed unexpected drops in marijuana felony arrests."
  • For-Profit Family Detention: Meet the Private Prison Corporations Making Millions by Locking Up Refugee Families, [PDF] Grassroots Leadership; Justice Strategies. October, 2014. "This report will scrutinize GEO’s dismal track record with operation of facilities holding immigrants, as well as its dreadful past history of failing to provide vulnerable children and youths with a safe and humane custodial environment."
  • Entombed: Isolation in the US Federal Prison System, [PDF] Amnesty International. July, 2014. "This report will detail how conditions in ADX breach international standards for the humane treatment of prisoners."
  • A meta-analysis of the prevalence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in incarcerated populations, [PDF] Cambridge University. March, 2014. "Compared with published general population prevalence, there is a fivefold increase in prevalence of ADHD in youth prison populations (30.1%) and a 10-fold increase in adult prison populations (26.2%)."
  • Improving Recidivism as a Performance Measure [PDF] Urban Institute. October, 2014. "Recidivism is not a single measure of success or failure, and states should move away from using one uniform definition. Making recidivism a meaningful performance measure demands that states employ a wide range of reoffending metrics."
  • Proposition 47: Estimating Local Savings and Jail Population Reductions, [PDF] Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice. September, 2014. "Every year, Los Angeles County could save between $99.9 million and $174.8 million, San Diego County between $28.4 million and $49.7 million, and San Joaquin County between $6.8 million and $12.0 million due to the implementation of Proposition 47."

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