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Tuesday, April 15 2014:

  • World Prison Population List (tenth edition), [PDF] International Centre for Prison Studies. November, 2013. "This tenth edition of the World Prison Population List gives details of the number of prisoners held in 222 independent countries and dependent territories."
  • Putting "Corrections" Back in State Jails: How to Reform Texas' Expensive, Ineffective State Jail System, [PDF] Texas Public Policy Foundation. November, 2012. "State jails were designed to be a low-cost alternative to prison, with dual goals of reducing prison populations and reducing recidivism rates in low-risk defendants. Unfortunately, state jails are universally failing in their objective."
  • Branded for Life: Florida's Prosecution of Children as Adults under its "Direct File" Statute, [PDF] Human Rights Watch. April, 2014. "Florida transfers more children out of the juvenile system and into adult court than any other state. In the last five years alone, more than 12,000 juvenile crime suspects in Florida were transferred to the adult court system."
  • The Treatment of Persons with Mental Illness in Prisons and Jails: A State Survey, [PDF] Treatment Advocacy Program. April, 2014. "The number of individuals with serious mental illness in prisons and jails now exceeds the number in state psychiatric hospitals tenfold."

Thursday, April 3 2014:

  • Billion Dollar Divide: Virginia's Sentencing, Corrections and Criminal Justice Challenge, [PDF] Justice Policy Institute. April, 2014. " understand how Virginia got to where it is today, the Justice Policy Institute has summarized the trends under three major themes: more people serving longer sentences, more people coming into the system and fewer people leaving the system."