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Thursday, October 1 2015:

  • No Hope: Re-Examining Lifetime Sentences for Juvenile Offenders, [PDF] The Phillips Black Project. September, 2015. "Nine states have abolished JLWOP after Miller, bringing the current number of jurisdictions completely banning the sentence to fifteen."

Wednesday, September 30 2015:

  • Crime in the United States - 2014 Federal Bureau of Investigation. September, 2015. "The violent crime rate declined 1.0 percent compared to the 2013 rate, and the property crime rate declined 5.0 percent."
  • Public Safety Realignment: Impacts So Far, Public Policy Institute of California. September, 2015. "Realignment did not increase violent crime, but auto thefts rose. Research so far shows no dramatic change in recidivism rates."
  • Exploring the Potential for Pretrial Innovation in Massachusetts [PDF] MassINC. September, 2015. "Since 2008, the state’s pretrial population has grown by nearly 13 percent, while arrests have declined by 10 percent and the number of commitments annually to state prisons and county houses of correction has fallen by 22 percent."

Thursday, September 24 2015:

  • Debtors' Prisons in New Hampshire ACLU of New Hampshire. September, 2015. (In 2013 New Hampshire judges jailed people who were unable to pay fines and without conducting a meaningful ability-to-pay hearing in an estimated 148 cases.)

Wednesday, September 23 2015:

  • World Female Imprisonment List: Third Edition, [PDF] World Prison Brief; Institute for Criminal Policy Research. September, 2015. "This report shows that 700,000 women and girls are held in penal institutions throughout the world, either as pre-trial detainees/remand prisoners or having been convicted and sentenced."

Tuesday, September 22 2015:

  • Stop and Frisk in Chicago ACLU of Illinois. March, 2015. "Black Chicagoans were subjected to 72% of all stops, yet constitute just 32% of the city’s population."
  • Race-Of-Victim Discrepancies in Homicides and Executions, Louisiana 1976-2015, [PDF] Loyola University of New Orleans Journal of Public Interest Law. August, 2015. "Black male victims comprise 61% of homicide victims in present day Louisiana, yet their killers have been executed in only 3 cases out of 12,949 homicides since Gregg v Georgia reinstated the death penalty in 1976."
  • It's Not Just Ferguson: Missouri Supreme Court Should Consolidate the Municipal Court System, [PDF] Arch City Defenders. July, 2014. (This paper examines six municipalities in St. Louis County and offers a series of reforms, including the consolidation of St. Louis County's 81 municipal courts into a single regional court system.)

Friday, September 18 2015:

  • Voting While Incarcerated: A Tool Kit for Voting Rights Advocates, [PDF] American Civil Liberties Union. September, 2005. (At midyear 2004, there were close to 714,000 people detained in our nation's jails, and the majority were eligible to register and vote.)

Thursday, September 17 2015:

  • Prisoners in 2014 Bureau of Justice Statistics. September, 2015. "The number of prisoners held by state and federal correctional authorities on December 31, 2014 (1,561,500) decreased by 15,400 (down 1%) from yearend 2013."
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