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Peter Wagner
Executive Director
I need your help. The Prison Policy Initiative is at the forefront of the movement for criminal justice reform. We've protected our democracy from the prison system and the poorest families in this country from the predatory prison telephone industry. And our timely and accessible reports recruit new and stronger allies to our movement.

our long-term viability depends on people like you investing in our work.

Some of our other supporters will match every gift made through the end of the year. Can you stand up for smart and effective criminal justice policy with a gift today?

I thank you for investing in our work towards a more just tomorrow.
—Peter Wagner
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Atlases, indices, and broad-based source material

  • Criminal Justice Primer 2009 [PDF]
    Sentencing Project, February, 2009
    “An overview of nine policy priorities in criminal and juvenile justice reform that address issues of reentry, sentencing, racial disparity and crime prevention.”
  • Smart on Crime Recommendations for the Next Administration and Congress, [PDF]
    2009 Criminal Justice Transition Coalition, November, 2008
    “The 2009 Criminal Justice Transition Coalition's collaborative report identifying critical needs for federal policy reform for President-elect Barack Obama's agenda.”
  • Strengthening Public Safety, Increasing Accountability, and Instituting Fiscal Responsibility in the Department of Correction, [PDF]
    Governor's Commission on Corrections Reform, June, 2004
    (Massachusetts, the Harshbarger Commission)
  • Prison Policy Initiative Atlas [Website]
    Prison Policy Initiative, February, 2004
    (Maps of disenfranchisement, death penalty, incarceration, prison construction and more in the U.S. and internationally)
  • The Prison Index: Taking the Pulse of the Crime Control Industry,
    Prison Policy Initiative and Western Prison Project, March, 2003
  • Crime and Justice Atlas 2001 Update [PDF]
    U.S. Department of Justice, 2001
  • Crime and Justice Atlas 2000 [PDF]
    U.S. Department of Justice, June, 2000
    “As our criminal justice system undergoes many changes and interventions, it is important that we continually reexamine the practices, policies, and philosophies that guide us.”

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