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Our mission is to empower activists, journalists, and policymakers to shape effective criminal justice policy, so we go beyond our original reports and analyses to curate a database of virtually all the empirical criminal justice research available online.

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Tuesday, November 24 2020:

  • Naming and Shaming: Violations of the Human Rights of Transgender Persons with Felonies in Texas, Human Rights Clinic, Austin Community Law Center, and Trans Pride Initiative. November, 2020. "By contributing to and facilitating an environment where the human rights of transgender persons are repeatedly and callously disregarded, Texas violates international treaties and the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States."

Monday, November 23 2020:

  • Dollars and Sense in Cook County: Examining the Impact of General Order 18.8A on Felony Bond Court Decisions, Pretrial Release, and Crime, Safety and Justice Challenge. November, 2020. "GO18.8A also had no impact on new criminal activity or new violent criminal activity of those defendants released."
  • Hepatitis C Litigation: Healing Inmates as a Public Health Strategy, Robert Katz. April, 2020. "When an inmate HCV lawsuit brings about the universal treatment of infected inmates, it simultaneously vindicates the inmates' Eighth Amendment rights and maximally advances the public health goal of eradicating HCV. I"

Thursday, November 19 2020:

  • Punishing status and the punishment status quo: Solitary confinement in U.S. Immigration prisons, 2013-2017, Konrad Franco, Caitlin Patler, and Keramet Reiter. October, 2020. "Solitary confinement cases involving immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean are vastly overrepresented in comparison to the share of these groups in the overall detained population."
  • Since you asked: What role does drug enforcement play in the rising incarceration of women?, Prison Policy Initiative. November, 2020. "Over the past 35 years, total arrests have risen 25% for women, while decreasing 33% for men. The increase among women is largely driven by drugs."
  • Spend Your Values, Cut Your Losses 2021 Divestment Portfolio: Smart and Safe Justice System Solutions That Put Communities First, Texas Criminal Justice Coalition. November, 2020. "Texas spends the most in the nation on prisons and jails; over the past three decades, it has grown 5x faster than the state's rate of spending on elementary and secondary education."
  • MA DOC Expenditures and Staffing Levels for Fiscal Year 2020 Lifers' Group Inc.. October, 2020. "The DOC spent nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars in Fiscal 2020, a 6% increase or nearly $40 million over Fiscal 2019."
  • How Governors Can Use Categorical Clemency as a Corrective Tool Urban Institute. November, 2020. "Though many clemency deliberations are independent case-by-case assessments, in some cases, governors can also extend clemency eligibility categorically to groups of people in prison to mitigate structural issues or accomplish larger reform goals."
  • Evidence Shows That Most Immigrants Appear for Immigration Court Hearings Vera Institute of Justice. October, 2020. "Data from Vera's programs and other studies shows that most immigrants released from custody continue to appear in court when represented by counsel."
  • New BJS data: Prison incarceration rates inch down, but racial equity and real decarceration still decades away, Prison Policy Initiative. October, 2020. "At the current pace of decarceration, it will be 2088 when state prison populations return to pre-mass incarceration levels."
  • Behavioral Health Crisis Alternatives: Shifting from Police to Community Responses, Vera Institute of Justice. November, 2020. "Communities must pursue new approaches that minimize trauma and distress, promote dignity and autonomy, and reduce repeat encounters with police for people who experience behavioral health crises."
  • The Community Responder Model: How Cities Can Send the Right Responder to Every 911 Call, Center for American Progress. October, 2020. "Estimates for the share of calls that could be handled by [community responders] range from a low of 21 percent of calls in Detroit to a high of 38 percent in Seattle and Portland."
  • Wealth and Retirement: Pondering the Fate of Formerly Incarcerated Men During the Golden Years, Paywall :( Ngina Chiteji. October, 2020. "We find that formerly incarcerated men have little wealth accumulated by their late 40s and 50s, that they have limited access to on-the-job pensions, and that some may not even be able to rely on Social Security when they are old."
  • The Case Against Pretrial Risk Assessment Instruments Pretrial Justice Institute. November, 2020. "RAIs simply add a veneer of scientific objectivity and mathematical precision to what are really very weak guesses about the future, based on information gathered from within a structurally racist and unequal system of law, policy and practice."
  • Releasing people pretrial doesn't harm public safety Prison Policy Initiative. November, 2020. "No matter the type of pretrial reform, the results were the same: Releasing people pretrial did not negatively impact public safety."
  • New BJS data reveals a jail-building boom in Indian country Prison Policy Initiative. October, 2020. "The share of people held pretrial in Indian country jails increased by 20 percentage points (an 80% increase) from 1999 to 2018, and the average length of stay in Indian country jails has doubled since 2002."

Tuesday, November 10 2020:

  • COVID and Corrections: A Profile of COVID Deaths in Custody in Texas, COVID, Corrections, and Oversight Project. November, 2020. "In one prison, the Duncan Unit, almost 6% of the incarcerated population has died."
  • Understanding Health Reform As Justice Reform: Medicaid, Care Coordination, and Community Supervision, Square One Project. October, 2020. "Health system reform built upon the foundation of Medicaid programs can provide many of the health and social supports needed to help people with health problems successfully return and remain in their communities."
  • 2020 State Ratings Report: Human Rights Protections for Children in the U.S. Justice System, Human Rights for Kids. November, 2020. "Our findings reveal that the overwhelming majority of the nation - 42 states - have made minimal to no efforts to create a legal framework to protect the human rights of children in the justice system."

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