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Wednesday, September 19 2018:

  • Decarceration Strategies: How 5 States Achieved Substantial Prison Population Reductions, The Sentencing Project. September, 2018. (This report summarizes key strategies and practices used by Connecticut, Michigan, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and South Carolina to reduce their prison populations, followed by extensive reviews for each of the five states.)
  • Emerging Issues in American Policy Volume 4, July 2018, Vera Institute of Justice. July, 2018. (This quarterly digest presents innovations in the field of policing from leading academic journals and research publications.)
  • The effect of prison visitation on reentry success: A meta-analysis, Meghan Mitchell and Kallee McCollough. July, 2016. (Results indicate that prison visitation generates modest reductions in post-release offending, which is moderated by gender, visitation type, time at risk, and recidivism measures.)
  • Repairing the Road to Redemption in California Californians for Safety and Justice. September, 2018. (This report highlights the lifetime consequences of having a conviction in California for individuals, families, and communities and includes recommendations to increase legal remedies and remove unnecessary restrictions.)
  • A Way Out: Abolishing Death by Incarceration in Pennsylvania, Abolitionist Law Center. September, 2018. (This report articulates a multi-strategy, movement-building framework for abolishing death by incarceration in Pennsylvania.)
  • Exonerations in 2017 The National Registry of Exonerations. March, 2018. "The National Registry of Exonerations has recorded 139 exonerations in 2017."
  • Exonerations in the United States Before 1989 National Registry of Exonerations. March, 2018. "This year we have added stories and data about 369 earlier exonerations, from 1820 through 1988."
  • The Price of Justice: The High Cost of "Free" Counsel for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System, Juvenile Law Center. July, 2018. (The report shows that requiring youth and their families to pay for the cost of court-appointed counsel forces youth deep into the criminal justice system, keeps them under justice system supervision longer, and pushes families deeper into poverty.)

Tuesday, September 18 2018:

  • Officer Health and Wellness Results from the California Correctional Officer Survey, Amy E. Lerman. November, 2017. (This report summarizes the results from a correctional officer study examining mental and physical wellness; exposure to violence; attitudes towards rehabilitation and punishment; job training and management; work-life balance; and training and support.)
  • The Role of Gun Supply in 1980s and 1990s Youth Violence Alan Bartley & Geoffrey Fain Williams. June, 2015. (This report documents that the positive supply shock increased the availability of guns to criminally active youth and led to higher rates of gun access for young black men.)

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