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Beyond producing original research, the Prison Policy Initiative edits several databases to empower activists, journalists, and policymakers to shape effective criminal justice policy. This page contains links to virtually all the empirical criminal justice research available online, organized by category and publication date. If you know what you are looking for, you may also search the database. We also have an email newsletter (at right) for new research clearinghouse updates.

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Wednesday, October 18 2017:

  • Targeted Fines and Fees Against Communities of Color U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. September, 2017. (Unchecked discretion or stringent requirements to impose fines or fees can lead to discrimination and inequitable access to justice when not exercised in accordance with ... the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses of the U.S. Constitution.)
  • The Geography of Incarceration in a Gateway City: The Cost and Consequences of High Incarceration Rate Neighborhoods in Worcester, MassINC. September, 2017. (The analysis explores the cost and consequences of high incarceration rates in Worcester neighborhoods, offering vital information for policymakers crafting comprehensive criminal justice reform legislation.)

Thursday, October 12 2017:

  • Native Disparities in Youth Incarceration The Sentencing Project. October, 2017. "Native youth were three times as likely to be incarcerated as white youth, according to data collected in October 2015."
  • Latino Disparities in Youth Incarceration The Sentencing Project. October, 2017. "Latino youth are 65 percent more likely to be detained or committed than their white peers, according to data collected in October 2015."

Wednesday, October 11 2017:

  • Native American Youth and the Juvenile Justice System National Council on Crime and Delinquency. March, 2008. (Juvenile Justice disparities between Native American youth and White youth are alarmingly high and in need of remediation.)
  • Raising the Bar: State Trends in Keeping Youth Out of Adult Courts (2015-2017), Campaign for Youth Justice. October, 2017. (Between 2015 & 2017, nine states and the District of Columbia have passed laws to limit or remove youth from adult facilities. In Oregon and New York, lawmakers passed bills in 2017 to categorically ban incarcerating youth with adults in the coming year.)
  • Economic Impacts of Cash Bail on the City of Philadelphia City of Philadelphia Office of the Controller. October, 2017. (The City of Philadelphia, by eliminating the cash bail system, could save over $75 million annually and provide a viable alternative to jail for a significant number of those arrested in Philadelphia in a given year.)
  • A Place to Call Home: A Vision for Safe, Supportive and Affordable Housing for People with Justice System Involvement, Prisoner Reentry Institute. October, 2017. (This document makes the case for providing digni ed housing that meets the needs of those with criminal justice histories, and providing it as quickly as possible upon reentry.)

Tuesday, October 10 2017:

  • The Crisis of Criminalization: A Call for a Comprehensive Philanthropic Response, Barnard Center for Research on Women. September, 2017. (This report is an urgent call for a comprehensive philanthropic response to the growing crisis of criminalization.)
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