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Thursday, May 13 2021:

  • How Much Criminal Justice Debt Does the U.S. Really Have? Fines & Fees Justice Center. April, 2021. "At least $27.6 billion of fines and fees is owed across the nation.."
  • The Legacy of Slavery and Mass Incarceration: Evidence from Felony Case Outcomes, Aaron Gottlieb and Kalen Flynn. March, 2021. "We find that a criminal charge in a county with high levels of slavery in 1860 increases the likelihood of pretrial detention, the probability of a sentence of incarceration, and the length of incarceration sentences."

Tuesday, May 11 2021:

  • A First Step, a Second Chance: Public Support for Restoring Rights of Individuals with Prior Convictions, Paywall :( Christina Mancini, Robyn McDougle, and Brittany Keegan. November, 2020. "Results suggest most of the public supports expungement reform, but less than 40% support rights restoration generally, with approval levels dependent on specific type of restoration."

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