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Friday, September 11 2020:

  • Monitoring Pretrial Reform in Harris County: First Sixth Month Report of the Court-Appointed Monitor, Independent Monitor for the Odonnell v. Harris County. September, 2020. "Second, contrary to bail industry and prosecutor propaganda, the data shows that recidivism has not increased, but is actually slightly down. This suggests that systems can release far more people while also reducing the rates of new arrests."

Wednesday, September 9 2020:

  • Correctional Populations in the United States, 2017-2018 Bureau of Justice Statistics. August, 2020. "An estimated 6,410,000 persons were held in prisons or jails or were on probation or parole in 2018."
  • How Many Complaints Against Police Officers Can Be Abated by Incapacitating A Few "Bad Apples?" Aaron Chalfin and Jacob Kaplan. August, 2020. "Our analysis suggests that surgically removing predictably problematic police officers is unlikely to have a large impact on citizen complaints."
  • Officer-Involved Shootings in Texas: 2016-2019, Texas Justice Initiative. August, 2020. "Shootings of civilians and their subsequent deaths caused by officers have been increasing over the four years"
  • Racial Disparities in the Massachusetts Criminal System The Criminal Justice Policy Program, Harvard Law School. September, 2020. "The Commonwealth significantly outpaced national race and ethnicity disparity rates in incarceration, imprisoning Black people at a rate 7.9 times that of White people and Latinx people at 4.9 times that of White people."
  • The Effects of Holistic Defense on Criminal Justice Outcomes RAND Corporation. January, 2019. "Over the ten-year study period, holistic defense in the Bronx resulted in nearly 1.1 million fewer days of custodial punishment."
  • In the Shadows: A Review of the Research on Plea Bargaining, Vera Institute of Justice. September, 2020. "Researchers estimate that more than 90% of criminal cases that end in conviction are the result of plea bargaining, a low-visibility, off-the-record, and informal process that usually occurs far from open court."
  • Lives on the Line: Women with Incarcerated Loved Ones and the Impact of COVID-19 Behind Bars, Essie Justice Group and Color of Change. September, 2020. (Only 7% of respondents reported that their incarcerated loved one had adequate access to basic necessities to prevent the spread of COVID-19.)

Tuesday, September 8 2020:

  • The Many Roads to Reintegration: A 50-State Report on Laws Restoring Rights and Opportunities After Arrest or Conviction, Collateral Consequences Resource Center. September, 2020. "The area where there is least consensus, and that remains most challenging to reformers, is managing dissemination of damaging criminal record information."
  • The Science of Solitary: Expanding the Harmfulness Narrative, Craig Haney. September, 2020. "Solitary confinement represents a particularly toxic, dangerous subset of a much broader, scientifically well-documented, extremely harmful condition--the deprivation of meaningful social contact."
  • Polluting our prisons? An examination of Oklahoma prison locations and toxic releases, 2011-2017, Paywall :( Maggie Leon-Corwin, Jericho R McElroy, Michelle L Estes, Jon Lewis, Michael A Long. January, 2020. "Our results find that prison zip codes have greater TRI emissions compared to non-prison zip codes."
  • State supervision, punishment and poverty: The case of drug bans on welfare receipt, Amanda Sheely. August, 2020. "I find that poverty is lower among people with drug convictions in states that opted out of the drug ban, compared to full ban states."
  • Local Labor Market Inequality in the Age of Mass Incarceration Luke Petach and Anita Alves Pena. 2020. "While income inequality is associated with higher rates of incarceration for all race and ethnicity groups (although not always in statistically significant fashion), the effect is largest for non-white, nonHispanic individuals."
  • 96 Deaths in Detention: A View of COVID-19 in the Federal Bureau of Prisons as Captured in Death Notices, World Peace Foundation at the Fletcher School. 2015. "They reveal substantial shortcomings that are an indictment of the Bureau, the Department of Justice, and the current Administration, and the American public that has proven too willing to write off the lives of millions of incarcerated people."
  • Law Enforcement Super Pacs and the Fight for Reform Democratic Policy Center. June, 2020. "This report outlines an under-investigated aspect of law enforcement union power: their use of independent expenditure groups to influence elections and their ability to hire top Democratic consultants to execute their campaigns."
  • Which Side Are We On: Can Labor Support #BlackLivesMatter and Police Unions?, David Unger. July, 2020. "An estimated 60 to 80 percent of police officers nationwide are unionized,twice the 34 percent unionization rate for the entire public sector, and at least ten times the rate of private sector unionization."
  • Impacts of Private Prison Contracting on Inmate Time Served and Recidivism Anita Mukherjee. August, 2020. "The empirical analysis shows that private prison inmates serve 90 additional days. This is alternatively estimated as 4.8 percent of the average sentence."
  • More Work to Do: Analysis of Probation and Parole in the United States, 2017-2018, Kendra Bradner, Vincent Schiraldi, Natasha Mejia, and Evangeline Lopoo. August, 2020. "From 2008 to 2018, the decline in the number of people on probation has failed to keep pace with the decline in arrests, resulting in an increase in the rate of probation, per arrest."
  • Life Years Lost to Police Encounters in the United States Elizabeth Wrigley-Field. August, 2020. "This implies a loss of roughly 16,000 years of life for recent cohorts of Black men."
  • An Examination of Women's Experiences with Reporting Sexual Victimization Behind Prison Walls Paywall :( April Surrell and Ida M. Johnson. September, 2020. "The interviewees identified stigma and gossip, officer camaraderie, and fear of retaliation as the dominant barriers to reporting and investigating incidents of sexual assault."

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