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Beyond producing original research, the Prison Policy Initiative edits several databases to empower activists, journalists, and policymakers to shape effective criminal justice policy. This page contains links to virtually all the empirical criminal justice research available online, organized by category and publication date. If you know what you are looking for, you may also search the database. We also have an email newsletter (at right) for new research clearinghouse updates.

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Thursday, March 22 2018:

  • Confronting Criminal Justice Debt A Guide for Policy Reform, Criminal Justice Policy Program at Harvard Law School. September, 2016. "By disproportionately burdening poor people with financial sanctions, and by jailing people who lack the means to pay, many jurisdictions have created a two-tiered system of criminal justice."
  • Cuyahoga County Bail Task Force: Report and Recommendations, Cuyahoga County Bail Task Force. March, 2018. (Money bail should not be used to simply detain defendants. Rather than relying on bond schedules, courts should assess each defendant's risk of non-appearance and danger to the community using a uniform risk assessment tool.)
  • Presumed Innocent for a Price: The Impact of Cash Bail Across Eight New York Counties, New York Civil Liberties Union. March, 2018. (This report shows that over a five year period, tens of thousands of New Yorkers were jailed without having had their day in court simply because they could not pay bail.)
  • Advancing Bail Reform in Maryland: Progress and Possibilities, Baltimore City and Prince George's County Branches of the NAACP. February, 2018. "This report argues that Maryland policymakers should continue to strengthening the alternatives to bail and pretrial detention."
  • Youth Transfer: The Importance of Individualized Factor Review, Campaign for Youth Justice. March, 2018. (This brief discusses the importance of weighing individual factors when judges and prosecutors consider the transfer of youth to the adult system, as well as recent state-level reforms addressing youth transfer.)

Tuesday, March 20 2018:

  • The Detention and Forced Medical Treatment of Pregnant Women: A Human Rights Perspective, American Constitution Society. March, 2018. (This report argues that laws authorizing the detention and forced medical treatment of pregnant women suspected of drug or alcohol abuse violate human rights standards and are a mistaken legal response to address individual and public health issues.)
  • "She Doesn't Deserve to be Treated Like This": Prisons as Sites of Reproductive Injustice, Rachel Roth, The Feminist Press, 2017 (updated). January, 2017. "This essay explores prisons as sites of reproductive injustice by focusing on barriers to abortion and safe childbirth."

Thursday, March 15 2018:

  • Recidivism Reconsidered: Preserving the Community Justice Mission of Community Corrections, Harvard Kennedy School. March, 2018. (This report argues that when recidivism is used as the sole measure of effectiveness, it misleads policymakers & the public, encourages inappropriate comparisons of dissimilar populations, & focuses policy on negative rather than positive outcomes.)
  • The Juvenile Record Myth Joy Radice. March, 2018. (This report illuminates the variety of ways states treat juvenile records â€" revealing that state confidentiality, sealing, and expungement provisions often provide far less protection than those terms suggest.)

Monday, March 12 2018:

  • Plea Bargaining: From Patent Unfairness to Transparent Justice, Mirko Bagaric, Julie N. Clarke, and William Rininger. March, 2018. (This article proposes reforms to the plea bargaining process (by shifting discretion and power from prosecutors into the hands of - impartial - sentencing judges) that will demonstrably and profoundly reshape the framework for plea negotiations.)

Thursday, March 8 2018:

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