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  • Raising Arizona's Commitment to Health and Safety: The Need for Independent Oversight of Arizona's Prison System Michele Deitch, January, 2021“Over the last decade or so, Arizona's prisons have become synonymous with mismanagement, lack of safety, unconstitutional health care, and abysmal conditions for people in custody.”
  • Community Cages: Profitizing community corrections and alternatives to incarceration American Friends Service Committee, August, 2016“The profitization of community corrections poses a serious threat to the movement to end mass incarceration.”
  • Still Buried Alive: Arizona Prisoner Testimonies on Isolation in Maximum-Security American Friends Service Committee, December, 2014“The impacts on the men and women held in isolation are deeply damaging and long lasting. Yet Arizona has once again chosen to double down on solitary confinement with these 500 new maximum-security prison beds in the Lewis complex.”
  • Parsons v. Ryan, CV 12-00601: Arizona Class Action Prison Conditions Lawsuit Expert Reports ACLU of Arizona, September, 2014“Every week, on average, a patient who has been neglected or mistreated dies in the Arizona prison system, according to these expert reports.”
  • Adventures in Risk: Predicting Violent and Sexual Recidivism in Sentencing Law Arizona State Law Journal, March, 2014“Whatever merit actuarial assessments may have for a variety of criminal justice decisions (such as bail, probation, and parole), they are far too problematic for use in sentencing matters.”
  • Criminal Stigma, Race, Gender, and Employment: An Expanded Assessment of the Consequences of Imprisonment for Employment Arizona State University School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, February, 2014“A key feature of a successful (crime free) return to society is employment... But prior research shows that the majority of prisoners - particularly blacks and Hispanics - face significant employment hurdles.”
  • Private Prisons: The Public's Problem American Friends Service Committee, February, 2012“Between 2008 and 2010, Arizona overpaid for its private prisons by about $10 million. If the requested 2,000 medium security private prison beds are built, Arizona taxpayers can expect to waste at least $6 million on privatization every year.”
  • FY 2010 Operating Per Capita Cost Report Cost Identification and Comparison of State and Private Contract Beds ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, April, 2011“An inmate health care cost factor is identified and deducted due to the limitations imposed by the private contractors [...][because] unlike the private contractors, the ADC is required to provide medical and mental health services to inmates [...].”
  • Turning the Corner Opportunities for Effective Sentencing and Correctional Practices in Arizona Justice Strategies, January, 2011Arizona policymakers can restore judicial discretion to sentence people to more effective, less costly correctional supervision and treatment options in lieu of prison in cases where such measures would clearly better serve both justice and public safety.”
  • Department of Corrections-Prison Population Growth A Report to the Arizona Legislature State of Arizona Office of the Auditor General, September, 2010“The State paid more per inmate in private prisons that for equivalent services in state facilities.”
  • Sixth Semi-Annual Report of the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections Arizona Consultants Committee, September, 2007(Sixth semi-annual report of the Consultants Committee prepared pursuant to Section III F(5) of the Memorandum of Agreement between the US Dept. of Justice and the State of Arizona, regarding compliance with the MOA provisions.)
  • The Arizona Death Penalty Assessment Report An Analysis of Arizona's Death Penalty Laws, Procedures, and Practices American Bar Association, June, 2006“The State of Arizona provides only one to two percent of the funding for the cost of capital representation, significantly underfunding these indigent defense services.”
  • First Semi-Annual Report Arizona Department Of Juvenile Corrections - Consultant's Committee, March, 2005(Results of a CRIPA investigation into conditions in Arizona's juvenile correctional facilities.)
  • Cost-Saving or Cost-Shifting: The Fiscal Impact of Prison Privatization in Arizona Private Corrections Institute, February, 2005
  • Arizona Prison Crisis: A Call for Smart on Crime Solutions Families Against Mandatory Minimums, May, 2004
  • Dollars, Sentences and Long-Term Public Safety Managing a Fiscal Crisis with a Goal of Long-Term Public Safety Middle Ground Prison Reform, September, 2003(Arizona sentencing policy recommendations)
  • Borrowing Against the Future: The Impact of Prison Expansion on Arizona Families, Schools and Communities Grassroots Leadership and Arizona Advocacy Network, April, 2003
  • Capital Case Commission Report (Arizona) Arizona Attorney General, December, 2002

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