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National data
State-level comparison data
State specific data
Population data (U.S. Census)
Other curated resources

All of our reports and many of our briefings compile previously unavailable or incompatible data. For the benefit of other advocates and researchers who want to do new things with our data, we’ve compiled our unique datasets on this page:

National data

State-level criminal justice data (all states)

Data specific to only one state:

Population data (for calculating incarceration rates, etc.)

Other curated resources:

Using this data to expose the harms of mass incarceration? We want to know about it!

Data can be powerful. When used well, it can inform, expose problems, and motivate action.

Through our Data Toolbox, we pull together the most important datasets we know about to help advocates, lawmakers, and journalists tell their stories.

If you’ve used this data in your work to expose the harms of mass incarceration, we want to know about it. Tell us how you used it. We published this data to help those who want to do new things with our existing data. We'd love to hear what you used, what you used it for, and what the results were.

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