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  • You're Out!: Three Strikes Against the PLRA's Three Strikes Rule Kasey Clark, March, 2023“At a minimum, the PLRA has failed to achieve Congress's goal of garnering "better prisoner suits." The overall decrease in the proportion of wins by prisoner-plaintiffs...also suggests that more meritorious claims are being excluded from the courts.”
  • There Are Better Solutions: An Analysis of Fulton County [Georgia]'s Jail Population Data, 2022 American Civil Liberties Union, October, 2022“The county's failure to account for ability to pay bail, confinement of people charged only with misdemeanors, failure to timely indict people, and failure to fully utilize diversion programs has led to population levels above capacity at the jail.”
  • Georgia: Monitoring Data Trends after 2017 Justice Reinvestment Initiative Reforms Council of State Governments Justice Center, November, 2021“The reduction in the active felony probation population resulting from Georgia's Justice Reinvestment policies has allowed officers to focus time and resources on people at the highest risk to recidivate.”
  • Applying Procedural Justice in Community Supervision Assessment of Pilot Testing in the Georgia Department of Community Supervision Urban Institute, March, 2021“The supervisee-level analyses found that supervisees from the training group had significantly fewer arrests, warrants, delinquent reports, and convictions than supervisees from the control group.”
  • The Price of Taxation by Citation: Case Studies of Three Georgia Cities that Rely Heavily on Fines and Fees Institute for Justice, October, 2019“Our findings also suggest taxation by citation is shortsighted. Cities may gain revenue, but they may also pay a price for it in the form of lower community trust and cooperation.”
  • Assessing the Impact of Georgia's Sentencing Reforms Urban Institute, July, 2017(This brief examines the impact of H.B. 1176 on commitments to prison, sentence lengths, and time served in the state of Georgia.)
  • Capital Punishment, 2014-2015 Bureau of Justice Statistics, May, 2017“Two states accounted for 80% of the executions [in 2016]: Georgia executed nine inmates, and Texas executed seven.”
  • Race-Of-Victim Discrepancies in Homicides and Executions, Louisiana 1976-2015 Loyola University of New Orleans Journal of Public Interest Law, August, 2015“Black male victims comprise 61% of homicide victims in present day Louisiana, yet their killers have been executed in only 3 cases out of 12,949 homicides since Gregg v Georgia reinstated the death penalty in 1976.”
  • The Crisis of Violence in Georgia's Prisons Southern Center for Human Rights, July, 2014“Prison officials violate the Constitution if they know that people in prison face a substantial risk of serious harm, but disregard that risk by failing to take reasonable measures to protect prisoners.”
  • Roadblocks to Reform Perils for Georgia's Criminal Justice System Southern Center for Human Rights, November, 2012“The traits endemic in private prisons – poorly trained staff, inadequate services, higher rates of violence and other infractions – dovetail with one another and are mutually reinforcing.”
  • Report of the Special Council on Criminal Justice Reform for Georgians Special Council on Criminal Justice Reform for Georgians, November, 2012“The data shows that most individuals sentenced to prison are drug and property offenders, and these offenders are also staying behind bars for longer periods of time. Drug and property offenders represent almost 60 percent of all admissions.”
  • Defendants Whose Death Sentences Have Been Reduced Because of a Finding of "Mental Retardation" since Atkins v. Virginia Death Penalty Information Center, July, 2012“The authors found that states that significantly deviated from accepted clinical methods for determining intellectual disability, such as Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Texas, had the lowest success rates.”
  • Profiting from the Poor A Report on Predatory Probation Companies in Georgia Southern Center for Human Rights, July, 2008“The privatization of misdemeanor probation has placed unprecedented law enforcement authority in the hands of for-profit companies that act essentially as collection agencies.”
  • The Georgia Death Penalty Report An Analysis of Georgia's Death Penalty Laws, Procedures, and Practices American Bar Association, January, 2006“ of August 1998, fifty-five of the 119 inmates on Georgia's death row were black and of the 88 persons awaiting death penalty trial, 53 were black males, 26 were white males, 2 were black females, 4 were white females, and 3 were Hispanic males.”
  • Prisoner Reentry in Georgia Urban Institute, November, 2004
  • The Vanishing Black Electorate: Felony Disenfranchisement In Atlanta, Georgia Sentencing Project, September, 2004
  • Georgia's Aging Inmate Population Georgia Department of Corrections, June, 2004Georgia, with a prison population in excess of 47,000 inmates has the sixth largest prison system in the nation. At the end of FY 2002 4,025 inmates, or nearly one in ten were 50 or older.”
  • If you cannot afford a lawyer...: A report on Georgia's failed indigent defense system Southern Center for Human Rights, February, 2003
  • Georgia: An Assessment of Access to Counsel and Quality of Representation in Delinquency Proceedings American Bar Association Juvenile Justice Center and the Southern Center for Human Rights, August, 2001
  • Race and drug law enforcement in the state of Georgia Human Rights Watch, July, 1996
  • Modern Capital of Human Rights? Abuses in the State of Georgia Human Rights Watch, July, 1996
  • A Preference for Vengeance: The Death Penalty and the Treatment of Prisoners in Georgia Southern Center for Human Rights, June, 1996
  • Capital Punishment on the 25th Anniversary of Furman v. Georgia Southern Center for Human Rights, June, 1996
  • Buckle of the Death Belt: The Death Penalty in Microcosm (Chattahoochee Judicial District) Death Penalty Information Center, 1991(racial discrimination in one region of Georgia)

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