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  • Trauma, Healing, and Justice: Native Hawaiian Women in Hawaii's Criminal Justice System Paywall :( Toni Bissen, September, 2020“Native Hawaiian women comprise 21% of the female population in Hawaii but account for 40% of the jail and prison population.”
  • Locked Up & Shipped Away: Interstate Prisoner Transfers and the Private Prison Industry Winter 2016 Update Grassroots Leadership, January, 2016(Since the 2013 release of Locked Up and Shipped Away, the same four states (Vermont, California, Idaho, and Hawaii) continue to house a portion of their prisoners in private prisons out of state. And, a fifth state, Arkansas has also opted to do so.)
  • Justice Reinvestment Initiative State Assessment Report Urban Institute, January, 2014“Since enacting JRI, all eight states - Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Kentucky, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, and South Carolina - have experienced reductions in their prison populations since the start of JRI.”
  • The Native Hawaiian Justice Task Force Report 2012 The Native Hawaiian Justice Task Force, December, 2012“Implicit, unconscious bias and disparate treatment on the part of workers at all stages of the criminal justice system may explain a portion of the disproportionate representation of Native Hawaiians in the criminal justice system.”
  • The Disparate Treatment of Native Hawaiians In the Criminal Justice System Office of Hawaiian Affairs, November, 2012“An analysis of data, controlling for age, gender, and type of charge, found that for any given determination of guilt, Native Hawaiians are much more likely to get a prison sentence than almost all other groups, except for Native Americans.”
  • Improving Budget Analysis of State Criminal Justice Reforms A Strategy for Better Outcomes and Saving Money Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the American Civil Liberties UNion, January, 2012“States did not write fiscal notes for about 40 percent of the bills. Two states, Delaware and Hawaii, never write fiscal notes for criminal justice bills. Others, including South Dakota and Vermont, rarely write them.”
  • Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Victims of Crime Bureau of Justice Statistics, March, 2009“From 2002 through 2006, the average annual rate of nonfatal violent victimization against Asians was about 11 violent victimizations per 1,000 persons age 12 or older, compared to 24 per 1,000 persons for non-Asians.”
  • Trends in Substance Abuse and Treatment Needs Among Inmates Final Reports National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS), October, 2002
  • Treatment of Incarcerated Women With Substance Abuse and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS), July, 2002
  • Disease Profile of Texas Prison Inmates National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS), April, 2002
  • Improving the Link Between Research and Drug Treatment in Correctional Settings Urban Institute, 2002
  • Incarceration of the Terminally Ill: Current Practices in the United States GRACE Project, March, 2001
  • Behind Bars: Substance Abuse and America's Prison Population Charles E. Culpeper Foundation and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, January, 1998“Three years in the making, this CASA report is the most penetrating analysis ever attempted of the relationship of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction to the explosion of America's prison population.”

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