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  • Advancing Bail Reform in Maryland: Progress and Possibilities Baltimore City and Prince George's County Branches of the NAACP, February, 2018“This report argues that Maryland policymakers should continue to strengthening the alternatives to bail and pretrial detention.”
  • The impact of residential change and housing stability on recidivism: pilot results from the Maryland Opportunities through Vouchers Experiment (MOVE) David S. Kirk, Geoffrey C. Barnes, Jordan M. Hyatt, and Brook W. Kearley, December, 2017“Rearrest was lower among the treatment group of movers than the non-movers, and was also lower for non-movers who received free housing versus non-movers who did not receive housing.”
  • Parole Perspectives in Maryland: A Survey of People Who Returned to Prison from Parole and Community Justice Policy Institute, May, 2015“A new analysis from the Justice Policy Institute (JPI) shows the connection between efforts to reduce prison populations, connect people to work, and address the challenges of Baltimore’s distressed communities”
  • report thumbnail The Right Investment?: Corrections Spending in Baltimore City Justice Policy Institute; Prison Policy Initiative, February, 2015Maryland taxpayers spend $288 million a year to incarcerate people from Baltimore City.”
  • The Effect of Collateral Consequence Laws on State Rates of Returns to Prison University of Maryland, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, July, 2014“Surprisingly, these analyses give some indication that collateral consequences may be related to lower rates of returns to prison for technical violations, however future research is needed to confirm this relationship.”
  • When Treatment is Punishment The Effects of Maryland's Incompetency to Stand Trial Policies and Practices Justice Policy Institute, October, 2011“Too many people found not competent to stand trial are unnecessarily locked in a secure setting for treatment and, on average, confined for longer periods than research demonstrates is clinically reasonable.”
  • report thumbnail Importing Constituents Incarcerated People and Political Clout in Maryland Prison Policy Initiative, March, 2010“In Somerset County, a large prison is 64% of the 1st Commission District, giving each resident in that district 2.7 times as much influence as residents in other districts.”
  • The Release Valve: Parole in Maryland Justice Policy Institute, March, 2009“[I]n 2007 [Maryland] spent approximately $1,422 per person on parole or probation, and $33,310 per person incarcerated.”
  • Judging Maryland Baltimore Judges on Effective Solutions to Working with Substance Abusers in the Criminal Justice System Justice Policy Institute, March, 2009“Judges recommend an increase in or expansion of residential care facilities and a more holistic approach to helping substance abusers caught up in the criminal justice system.”
  • A Report on the Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions in Maryland University of Maryland School of Law, 2009“Despite the lasting and sometimes permanent effects that collateral consequences impose upon ex-offenders and their families, no formal mechanism exists for defendants in Maryland, or any other state, to be informed of these consequences.”
  • Impact and Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Maryland Reentry Partnership Initiative Urban Institute, February, 2007“This study evaluates the impact of the Maryland Reentry Partnership Initiative (REP) on crime in Baltimore between 2001 and 2005.”
  • Progress and Challenges: An analysis of drug treatment and imprisonment in Maryland from 2000 to 2005 Justice Policy Institute, September, 2006“Crime trends since 2000 appear to support the argument that treatment does more than imprisonment to reduce crime.”
  • Tipping Point: Maryland's Overuse of incarceration and the impact on Public Safety Justice Policy Institute, March, 2005
  • Maryland: An Assessment of Access to Counsel and Quality of Representation in Delinquency Proceedings American Bar Association Juvenile Justice Center, October, 2003
  • Race and Incarceration in Maryland Justice Policy Institute, October, 2003
  • A Portrait of Prisoner Reentry in Maryland Urban Institute, March, 2003
  • Cutting Correctly in Maryland Justice Policy Institute, February, 2003(lowering prison population will ease budget crisis)
  • An Empirical Analysis of Maryland's Death Sentencing System With Respect to the Influence of Race and Legal Jurisdiction Professor Raymond Paternoster, Univ. of Maryland, January, 2003
  • Impact of Recent Legal Changes in Felon Voting Rights in Five States Profs Uggen and Manza, October, 2002(Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Mexico and Texas)
  • A Tale of Two Jurisdictions: Youth Crime and Detention Rates in Maryland & the District of Columbia Building Blocks for Youth, October, 2001
  • No Minor Matter: Children in Maryland's Jails Human Rights Watch, November, 1999
  • Is Maryland's System of Higher Education Suffering Because of Prison Expenditures? Justice Policy Institute, March, 1998

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