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  • Broken Rules: Laws Meant to End Debtors' Prisons are Failing Nebraskans ACLU of Nebraska, December, 2022“Observations from a combined 2,300+ bail and sentencing hearings show systemic disregard of laws meant to protect Nebraskans who are struggling financially.”
  • Restorative Justice and Youth Offenders in Nebraska Kristen M. Blankley and Alisha Caldwell Jimenez, June, 2019“Although Nebraska's statewide victim/youth conference program is developing, the program is promising and offers some opportunities for other restorative justice programs around the country.”
  • Voting Rights of Former Felons ACLU of Nebraska, June, 2016“Disturbingly, a decade after our ex-felon voting rights law was adopted, only half of all counties provided correct and accurate information.”
  • It Take a Village: Diversion for Police and Families Vera Institute of Justice, June, 2016“This brief explores the creative, collaborative, and community-focused work being done in Nevada, Connecticut, Nebraska, Michigan, Illinois, and Oregon to find productive responses to youth “acting out.””
  • Growing Up Locked Down ACLU of Nebraska, January, 2016“Before they are old enough to get a driver’s license, enlist in the armed forces, or vote, some children in Nebraska are held in solitary confinement for days, weeks--and even months.”
  • Justice Reinvestment in Nebraska Analysis and Policy Framework The Council of State Governments Justice Center, January, 2015“If this growth continues unchecked, prisons will become even more crowded, swelling from 159 percent of capacity (5,221 people) as of December 31, 2014 to a projected 170 percent of capacity (5,581 people) by FY2020.”
  • Selected Issues in Mental Health and Corrections: A Collection and Summary of Research Disability Rights Nebraska, 2014“Although only 7% of inmates were in solitary confinement, they accounted for 53% of acts of self-harm.”
  • The Disposition of Nebraska Capital and Non-Capital Homicide Cases Nebraska Crime Commission, October, 2002(death sentences 5 times more likely if victim well to do)

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