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  • Greater Oklahoma City Chamber Criminal Justice Reform Task Force: Report and Recommendations Vera Institute of Justice, December, 2016“The Oklahoma County pretrial justice system needs greater collaboration and oversight to ensure that the jail—the county’s most restrictive and most costly criminal justice resource—is being used judiciously.”
  • Study of Incarcerated Women and Their Children Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth, January, 2010“Over three‐fourths of the women had only a high school education or less. Two‐thirds had been physically and/or sexually abused as a child.”
  • Importing Constituents: Prisoners and Political Clout in Oklahoma Prison Policy Initiative, September, 2009([B]y relying on Census Bureau counts of prison populations to pad out legislative districts with prisons, Oklahoma is inflating the votes of residents who live near prisons at the expense of every other resident in the state.)
  • Estimated Prevalence of Felons Among the Oklahoma Adult Population Oklahoma Criminal Justice Resource Center, September, 2006“Nearly one in seven adult males and one in every 30 adult females in Oklahoma have either been to prison or supervised on probation.”

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