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  • Barred from working: A Nationwide Study of Occupational Licensing Barriers for Ex-Offenders Institute for Justice, May, 2020“Six states--Alabama, Alaska, Nevada, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Vermont--were tied for last, receiving a zero on a 100-point scale for their lack of protections for felons seeking licenses.”
  • report thumbnail How many people in your state go to local jails every year? Prison Policy Initiative, September, 2019(The number of people who go to jail each year varies dramatically from state to state. In South Dakota, 2,888 people per 100,000 go to jail each year, while in California 934 per 100,000 go.)
  • Bridging the Divide: Improving Parole Outcomes for Native Americans in South Dakota Vera Institute of Justice, October, 2016“This brief describes the issues that tribal communities face and how they are working together with the state government to provide effective services for Native American people on parole.”
  • Remote Access: Using Video Technology to Treat Substance Users on Probation and Parole in South Dakota Vera Institute of Justice, October, 2016“The state worked with local providers to pilot a teleconferencing program aimed at connecting people to community-based services without the cost and barrier of transportation or other access issues.”
  • Assessing the Impact of South Dakota's Sentencing Reforms Urban Institute, May, 2016South Dakota’s presumptive probation policy and felony reclassifications played a significant role in averting South Dakota’s prison population growth.”
  • Improving Budget Analysis of State Criminal Justice Reforms A Strategy for Better Outcomes and Saving Money Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the American Civil Liberties UNion, January, 2012“States did not write fiscal notes for about 40 percent of the bills. Two states, Delaware and Hawaii, never write fiscal notes for criminal justice bills. Others, including South Dakota and Vermont, rarely write them.”

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