Reprint Policies

Small-scale use:

If you want to use our material in a presentation or make fewer than 75 copies (on paper) of any Prison Policy Initiative material, please considering making a donation to support our work but feel free to go ahead without contacting us (no charge). This excludes use by companies that invest in the prison industrial complex unless they pay the book reprinting rate (below) for all uses.

For reprinting our material on newsprint:

If you want to reprint any Prison Policy Initiative material on newsprint in any quantity, please go ahead without contacting us (no charge). If possible, please include the URL where readers can find the original content.

Reprinting in books:

If you want to reprint Prison Policy Initiative material in a paper or electronic book, we charge a flat fee of $500 per report or article. This fee includes the right to reprint any tables and graphics in that report or article at their original web resolution. (Publishers that require higher resolution, please see below.) Non-profit, academic, and activist publishers are welcome to request lower fees if their budgets require that. (Financial advisers to companies and individuals that invest in the prison industrial complex should expect to pay full price.)

Select imagery released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license

Certain images we've made or commissioned have been released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, so any usage under that license does not require separate permission or fees. Outside of that license, these policies apply.

For other requests and uses of our material:

Please contact us at

Requests for custom high-resolution graphics:

Tips to find higher-resolution versions of our images

We may already have higher-resolution versions of our images online. Here is how to check.

For certain publications published in 2022 and afterwards, we've been creating higher resolution images for browsers that can support them. It is possible we have a higher resolution version of the image you want to use already online, but it's not visible to you. These steps will help you find and access these images, and if these steps don't work, that means we don't have a higher resolution image online:

  1. Find the url of the image you seek. If the image ends -2X.webp, that is the highest resolution we have online.
  2. If the image ends .png, remove the .png and add -2X.webp. That is the highest resolution we have online. (ie. change example.png to example-2X.webp)
  3. If the image ends .webp, add -2X before the .webp. That is the highest resolution we have online. (ie. change example.webp to example-2X.webp)
  4. If your software doesn't support webp, you can convert our image to png or convert our image to tiff. (If you convert the image to .jpg or other formats you are likely to ruin the image clarity.)

If graphics are needed in a higher resolution than provided on our website, there is an additional charge of up to $250 per image, paid in advance, to produce custom images to your specifications. For these requests, we will need to know:

  • whether image will be reproduced in black and white or in color
  • any technical requirements regarding file format, resolution, color separations, etc.
  • approximate size (+/- 20%) that the image(s) will be reproduced at.

For these requests will send you an invoice within 3 days and can generally fulfill these custom work requests within 2 weeks of receiving your payment.

Payment info:

Please mail payment to
    Prison Policy Initiative
    69 Garfield Ave Floor 1
    Easthampton MA 01027
Alternatively, you can make a donation online at

Details you may need for payment:

Our EIN is 20-3671130

Last updated: November 12, 2022

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