FCC passes order to regulate prison and jail telephone industry

by Peter Wagner, October 22, 2015

The Federal Communications Commission today approved a new order regulating the prison and jail telephone industry and reducing the cost of calling home from prisons and jails.

You can read the FCC’s press release and summary of the decision and see our October 1 analysis of the FCC’s “fact sheet” that compares the proposed order to the exploitative status quo.

We’ll have a detailed analysis after the full text of the FCC’s order is publicly available, but for now we note only one possible change from our October 1 post: The FCC is proposing to give the industry an additional 3 months to bring their contracts in jails into compliance with the new rules. That means that people with loved ones in state prisons should see the impact in about February, and with those in jails in about May 2016.

Thank you Commissioner Clyburn, Chairman Wheeler, and Commissioner Rosenworcel for taking such strong action to protect the most vulnerable families in this country from this exploitative industry.

3 Responses

  1. As MN prisons add video chat, feds crack down on criticized cost of inmate phone calls - BringMeTheNews.com says, 2 hours, 27 minutes after publication:

    […] to protect the most vulnerable families in this country from this exploitative industry,” according to a post on the nonprofit Prison Policy Initiative’s […]

  2. PrisonConnect says, 3 weeks after publication:

    The passed reforms on the prison calling rates by the FCC are a delightful piece of news to the inmates. They have a hard enough time in alien surroundings away from their loved ones without the call service providers making a killing on them in call charges.
    We appreciate that at PrisonConnect and therefore totally support the FCC in capping such calling rates reasonably.

  3. Help us uncover the U.S. incarceration crisis | Prison Policy Initiative says, 1 month, 1 week after publication:

    […] Prison Policy Initiative has celebrated some huge victories recently: historic prison and jail phone industry regulation, making strides towards a national end to prison gerrymandering, and reversing bans on in-person […]

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