People in jail unable to meet bail
(prior to incarceration)
Non-incarcerated people
Men Women Men Women
All $15,598 $11,071   $39,600 $22,704
Black $11,275 $9,083  $31,284 $23,760
Hispanic $17,449 $12,178  $27,720 $14,520
White $18,283 $12,954  $43,560 $26,136

Median annual pre-incarceration incomes for people in local jails unable to post a bail bond, ages 23-39, in 2015 dollars, by race/ethnicity and gender. The incomes in red fall below the Census Bureau poverty threshold. The median bail bond amount nationally is almost a full year’s income for the typical person unable to post a bail bond.

Data Source: For sources see the full report. (Graph: Bernadette Rabuy and Daniel Kopf, 2016)

This graph originally appeared in Detaining the Poor: How money bail perpetuates an endless cycle of poverty and jail time.

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