Scatter plot graph showing that as price of video visitation increases, the number of visits decreases.

Data Source: (Travis County contract and commission and visitation data.) Through the Texas Open Records Act, we requested and received the number of remote video visits and the video visit commissions in Travis County, Texas from September 2013 to September 2014. Since we have the contract for video visitation, we know that the commission provided to Travis County is 23% and were able to calculate the revenue. We also know that video visits in Travis County are 20-minutes long so we were able to calculate the total minutes of remote video visitation used per month and the rate charged per month. We used the average daily population in 2010 provided in the Travis County Justice System Profile to calculate the average minutes per incarcerated person per month. (Graph: Peter Wagner, 2015)

This graph originally appeared in Screening Out Family Time: The for-profit video visitation industry in prisons and jails.

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