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The Geography of Punishment:

How Huge Sentencing Enhancement Zones Harm Communities, Fail to Protect Children

by Aleks Kajstura, Peter Wagner, and William Goldberg
Prison Policy Initiative
July 2008

Appendix F. Demographic analysis of the populations living in enhancement zones, by House district.

Appendix F. Demographic analysis of the populations living in enhancement zones, by House district.
District demographics in Hampden County Populations in the zones Percent of population living in a zone
1st Hampden19,98019,2741542423,1343,017283115.7%15.7%18.1%12.7%
2nd Hampden41,28638,6296649799,8718,79730342823.9%22.8%45.6%43.7%
3rd Hampden40,15738,4683707017,8737,5526214119.6%19.6%16.9%20.1%
4th Hampden40,07236,8934272,00811,69710,45213486729.2%28.3%31.3%43.2%
5th Hampden39,83821,5081,18716,48523,3229,73074212,47558.5%45.2%62.5%75.7%
6th Hampden40,84635,8849692,76313,35611,70231589832.7%32.6%32.5%32.5%
7th Hampden29,84927,1981,0641,1627,0616,21025440123.7%22.8%23.8%34.5%
8th Hampden38,01632,2041,0263,98713,00710,4374931,81234.2%32.4%48.0%45.5%
9th Hampden40,85926,7095,2987,92713,8469,1371,5142,83833.9%34.2%28.6%35.8%
10th Hampden37,73211,1085,37919,79923,1486,5863,40212,25761.3%59.3%63.2%61.9%
11th Hampden40,46111,68417,67510,12125,1386,22311,0687,25662.1%53.3%62.6%71.7%
12th Hampden41,64236,4922,2341,88210,6429,09460460925.6%24.9%27.0%32.3%
1st Hampshire6546390500000%0%n/a0%
4th Berkshire2,9482,8871626226220217.6%7.6%11.3%3.1%
Hampden County 454,340339,57736,46368,087162,32199,15518,91940,01135.7%29.2%51.9%58.8%

District descriptions

1st Hampden:
Palmer, Brimfield, Wales, Holland and parts of Worcester and Hampshire counties.
2nd Hampden:
Monson, Hampden, Longmeadow, and parts of East Longmeadow and Springfield.
3rd Hampden:
Russell, Granville, Southwick and Agawam.
4th Hampden:
5th Hampden:
6th Hampden:
West Springfield, parts of Chicopee and Springfield.
7th Hampden:
Ludlow, parts of Chicopee and Springfield and Hampshire County.
8th Hampden:
Parts of Chicopee.
9th Hampden:
Parts of Chicopee and Springfield.
10th Hampden:
Parts of Springfield.
11th Hampden:
Parts of Springfield.
12th Hampden:
Parts of East Longmeadow and Springfield.
1st Hampshire:
Montgomery and parts of Hampshire County not included in this analysis.
4th Berkshire:
Blandford, Chester, Tolland and parts of Berkshire County not included in this analysis.

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