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Peter Wagner, Executive Director
A map of northeastern Buffalo, NY, with two adjacent Census tracts highlighted to show two Buffalo neighborhoods: Starin Central (Census tract 45) and Leroy (Census tract 40.01). These neighborhoods share a border and a similar number of residents, but the rates of poverty, unemployment, and imprisonment are starkly different. Starin Central has a population of 5,477 residents with a poverty rate of 10.4% and an unemployment rate of 6.7%. In 2010, this tract only had 8 residents in state prison. Leroy, on the other hand, has a population of 4,072 residents with a poverty rate of 43.2% and an unemployment rate of 10.4%. In 2010, this tract had more than 7 times the number of residents in state prison: 59 residents were locked up in New York State prisons.

Data Source: For data sourcing see, (Graph: Peter Wagner, 2020)

This graph originally appeared in Mapping disadvantage: The geography of incarceration in New York State.

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