Median annual incomes for incarcerated people prior to incarceration and non-incarcerated people ages 27-42, in 2014 dollars, by race/ethnicity and gender.
Incarcerated people
(prior to incarceration)
Non-incarcerated people
Men Women Men Women
All $19,650 $13,890   $41,250 $23,745
Black $17,625 $12,735  $31,245 $24,255
Hispanic $19,740 $11,820  $30,000 $15,000
White $21,975 $15,480  $47,505 $26,130

Data Source: For sources see the full report. (Graph: Bernadette Rabuy and Daniel Kopf, 2015)

This graph originally appeared in Prisons of Poverty: Uncovering the pre-incarceration incomes of the imprisoned.

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