Private companies and jails are working to replace all prison visits with expensive video chats.

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Screening Out Family Time:
The for-profit video visitation industry in prisons and jails

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by Bernadette Rabuy and Peter Wagner
January, 2015


  • Exhibit 1 Facilities with Video Visitation
  • Exhibit 2 New Mexico Corrections Department Contract with PB&J Family Services
  • Exhibit 3 Global Tel*Link Reply to Alabama Order
  • Exhibit 4 Chippewa County, Wisconsin Securus Contract
  • Exhibit 5 Washington County, Oregon Telmate Contract
  • Exhibit 6 Washington County, Idaho Telmate Contract
  • Exhibit 7 Dallas County, Texas Approved Securus Contract
  • Exhibit 8 Dallas County, Texas Proposed Securus Contract
  • Exhibit 9 Securus Dallas County Additional BAFO Responses
  • Exhibit 10 Placer County, California ICSolutions Contract
  • Exhibit 11 Fee Breakdown
  • Exhibit 12 Maricopa County, Arizona Securus Contract and Proposal
  • Exhibit 13 Charlotte County, Florida Earnings August 2014
  • Exhibit 14 Collier County, Florida Securus Contract
  • Exhibit 15 Travis County, Texas Securus Contract
  • Exhibit 16 Travis County, Texas Commission and Visitation Data
  • Exhibit 17 Travis County, Texas Lawsuit Amended Complaint
  • Exhibit 18 Saunders County, Nebraska Securus Contract
  • Exhibit 19 Windows Only Companies
  • Exhibit 20 Securus Shawnee County, Kansas Financial Proposal
  • Exhibit 21 Adams County, Illinois Securus Contract
  • Exhibit 22 Tazewell County, Illinois Securus Contract
  • Exhibit 23 Adams County, Mississippi HomeWAV Contract and Visitation Policy
  • Exhibit 24 Portsmouth County, Virginia HomeWAV Contract and Brochure
  • Exhibit 25 Lemhi County, Idaho TurnKey Contract
  • Exhibit 26 Jefferson County, Idaho TurnKey Contract
  • Exhibit 27 Rutherford County, Tennessee City Tele Coin Company Contract
  • Exhibit 28 New Orleans Motion
  • Exhibit 29 Counties with Bans on In-person Visits

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