Rather than encouraging people in prison to stay in contact with their loved ones, prisons and jails frequently restrict communication — and even partner with private companies to exploit families trying to stay in touch. We’re exposing these abusive practices and fighting back.

Below is some of our key research and organizing. (See also our related organizing around preserving face-to-face family contact in prisons.)


  • report thumbnailRegulating the prison and jail phone industry
    Families still pay exorbitant rates just to stay in touch with their incarcerated loved ones, while companies rake in huge profits and develop new ways to squeeze money out of those who can least afford it.
  • report thumbnailProtecting postal mail
    Increasing prices and and efforts to eliminate physical mail threaten a vital connection between incarcerated people and their families. Through research and advocacy we're fighting back.
  • report thumbnailProtecting in-person visits from the predatory “video calling” industry
    We uncovered how jails collude with telecom companies to eliminate human contact, by replacing in-person visits with expensive, low-quality video chats. Our research and campaign is helping preserve face-to-face visits.
  • report thumbnailInvestigating electronic messaging and tablets in prisons
    Prisons and jails are partnering with private companies to offer email services, but there’s a catch: The companies charge incarcerated people for every message they send. We're staying ahead of these profiteers by exposing the hidden costs in their digital offerings.


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