The vast majority of incarcerated people are men, so the facts about women are often lost. The Prison Policy Initiative is using our creative research strategies to uncover this data in order to advocate for criminal justice reform.

report thumbnailWomen's Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2018

Our report uncovers where and why women fall under the control of our local, state, and federal systems. We use our "whole pie" approach to give the public and policymakers the foundation to end mass incarceration without leaving women behind.

report thumbnailStates of Women's Incarceration: The Global Context 2018

Our report reveals that every U.S. state incarcerates women at a higher rate than most countries. The report also shows the growth of women's incarceration in the U.S. over the last century.

report thumbnailThe Gender Divide: Tracking women's state prison growth

Our report breaks down women’s incarceration trends in state prisons for all 50 states since 1978, and identifies states where recent criminal justice reforms have left women behind. All too often, treating women’s incarceration as an afterthought holds back state efforts to decarcerate.

report thumbnailDetaining the Poor: How money bail perpetuates an endless cycle of poverty and jail time

With data scientist Daniel Kopf, we find that the ability to pay money bail is impossible for too many defendants because it represents almost a year of the typical woman defendant's income.

report thumbnailPrisons of Poverty: Uncovering the pre-incarceration incomes of the imprisoned

With data scientist Daniel Kopf, we uncover the data to show that even before their incarceration, the people in prison are much poorer than Americans of similar ages. This was the first report to provide national data on the pre-incarceration incomes of incarcerated women.

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