by Peter Wagner, September 20, 2009

article thumbnailMichael Overall in the Tulsa World writes Prisons can inflate districts’ influence about our newest report Importing Constituents: Prisoners and Political Clout in Oklahoma.

by Peter Wagner, September 18, 2009

Glen Ford has a radio commentary on Black Agenda Report that addresses prison-based gerrymandering and the 3/5ths clause of the constitution that allowed Southern Whites to cast pro-slavery votes on “behalf” of enslaved Blacks. See The Stolen Count: Prison Inmates and the Census.

by Peter Wagner, September 14, 2009

article thumbnailChristian Smith-Socaris has a Progressive States Network Dispatch on How the Incarcerated are Counted Distorts our Politics. It includes a detailed summary of the problem of prison-based gerrymandering and a thorough review of what actions states can take to restore fairness to the redistricting process.

by Peter Wagner, September 13, 2009

Erik Fowle interviews PPI and writes on New America Media: Census Prisoner Count Skews Political Representation

by Peter Wagner, August 26, 2009

Alice Green writes about our work against prison-based gerrymandering on the Times-Union blog: Prisoners are People Too.

by Peter Wagner, August 4, 2009

American History magazine has a two page datagraphic “Lock Up, U.S.A.: A startling statistical rap sheet on our prison system” based in part on The Prison Index: Taking the Pulse of the Crime Control Industry. The American History graphic, unfortunately, is only available in the print edition.

small version of american history infographic about Lockup usa

by Peter Wagner, July 9, 2009

Eric Kleefeld blogs about the Wisconsin Census Amendment on TalkingPointsMemo: More Redistricting Follies: Counting Prisoners In Census Data

by Peter Wagner, July 8, 2009

Shawn Johnson on Wisconsin Public Radio reports on a proposed constitutional amendment to end prison based gerrymandering in that state [1:33 RealMedia]. A shorter Associated Press article based on the radio piece is appearing in papers and on TV stations across the state.

by Peter Wagner, June 29, 2009

The New York Times again mentions the importance of where people in prison are counted in the 2010 Census to the political future of the New York State: Democratic Lock Seen on 2013 Albany Senate

by Peter Wagner, June 27, 2009

Professor Douglas A. Berman mentions our new Pennsylvania report on his Sentencing Law & Policy blog.

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