Six briefings on prison telephone justice

by Peter Wagner, January 14, 2015

On Monday evening, we submitted 6 major briefings on the need to regulate the prison and jail telephone industry to the Federal Communications Commission:

One Response

  1. Dorothy Banks says, 3 months after publication:

    I live in N.C. , our local jail has recently changed companies that handle inmate phone services . The new company is Patel Services group . I always keep an account set up for my brother to call home . This company charges $ 8.00 every time you add funds to your account ,regardless of how much you keep your balance. The cost of calls continue to climb higher all the time as well. Someone should do something about this all over the country. IT is jail time for small crooks and thieves, why not for these companies? Stealing is stealing no matter who does it. Most families cannot afford to pay all these charges and still feed their children on the outside world.

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