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The promise of cyber communication in prisons and the need for regulation

a Prison Policy Initiative report by Stephen Raher
January, 2016


report thumbnail
  • Exhibit 1 Patents and Patent Applications
  • Exhibit 2 Core Systems: Excerpt from Invest Northern Ireland publication
  • Exhibit 3 Securus Technologies, Public Lender Presentation (Apr. 15, 2015)
  • Exhibit 4 Knox County (TN) Proposed Contract with Securus
  • Exhibit 5 Champaign County (IL) Contract with ICSolutions
  • Exhibit 6 Oklahoma County (OK) Contract with Telmate
  • Exhibit 7 Washoe County (NV) Contract with JEMCORE
  • Exhibit 8 Cowley County (KS) Contract with CBM Managed Services
  • Exhibit 9 Shelby County (AL) Contract with Kimble's Commissary
  • Exhibit 10 Carroll County (AR) Contract with Smart Communications
  • Exhibit 11 Kansas Dept. of Corrections Contract with JPay
  • Exhibit 12 Benewah County (ID) Contract with Securus
  • Exhibit 13 Screenshots
  • Exhibit 14 Pennsylvania Dept. of Corrections - JPay Contract and Bid Documents
  • Exhibit 15 Williamson County (TX) Contract with ICSolutions
  • Exhibit 16 Knox County (TN) Contract Amendment with Paytel
  • Exhibit 17 Kansas Dept. of Corrections - Monthly Facility Summary Reports (Nov. 2013 - Feb. 2015)
  • Exhibit 18 Santa Barbara County (CA) Contract with Keefe Commissary Network
  • Exhibit 19 Allegan County (MI) - Telmate Contract and Bid Documents
  • Exhibit 20 Colorado Dept. of Corrections Contract with JPay
  • Exhibit 21A GTL NET - Privacy Statement - 03-30-15
  • Exhibit 21B GTL NET Terms of Use 03-30-2015
  • Exhibit 21C ICSolutions - Privacy Policy
  • Exhibit 21D ICSolutions - Terms of Service
  • Exhibit 21E ICSolutions - User Agreement
  • Exhibit 21F Inmate Canteen - Privacy Policy
  • Exhibit 21H Inmate Canteen - Terms of Service
  • Exhibit 21I Jail ATM - Terms of Service
  • Exhibit 21J JailATM - Privacy Policy
  • Exhibit 21K JPay - Privacy Policy
  • Exhibit 21L JPay Terms of Service
  • Exhibit 21N Securus - Privacy Policy
  • Exhibit 21O Securus Email Specific Terms of Service
  • Exhibit 21P Securus Terms of Service
  • Exhibit 21Q Smart Deposit - Terms of Service
  • Exhibit 21R SmartJailMail - Privacy Policy
  • Exhibit 21S SmartJailMail - Terms of Service
  • Exhibit 21T Telmate Privacy Policy
  • Exhibit 21U Telmate Terms of Service
  • Exhibit 22 Cherokee County (KS) Contract with TurnKey Corrections

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